Geothermal Energy Systems

Your Home

An EarthLinked® geothermal system is the ideal solution for homeowners looking for a highly efficient, cost effective heating and cooling system that is friendly to people and the planet.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • EarthLinked owners often realize a reduction in annual utility costs of 40-60% or more

  • An EarthLinked geothermal system features a simple design with no noisy fans outside your window or water-filled plastic pipe in the ground

  • The versatility of an EarthLinked system can serve heating, cooling, water heating and pool heating needs

Your Business

Business owners can reduce operational utility costs while promoting corporate sustainability goals with an EarthLinked geothermal system.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • The mechanical simplicity of an EarthLinked geothermal system promotes long-term reliability with relatively low maintenance

  • An EarthLinked water heating system can drastically increase the efficiency of an existing water heating system without night-time or early morning interruption like solar

  • Investing in an EarthLinked geothermal system is simple as it qualifies for most tax credits, rebates, incentives and renewable energy financing programs

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