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EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. was established in 1980 under the pioneering spirit of its founder, Robert (Bob) Cochran, P.E., an electrical engineer. His goal was to develop the simplest, most efficient means of using the solar energy stored in the shallow earth for heating water. The vision was based on the fact that almost one-half of the solar energy that strikes the earth is absorbed by it. That stored geothermal energy is a clean, local, renewable source that is free for the harvest.

Bob Cochran was an engineer in the management of an electric utility where he worked with the utility’s attorney, Hal Roberts (currently serving as EarthLinked’s Chairman of the Board), for ten years before they founded EarthLinked Technologies. Their entrepreneurial spirit drove the persistence and passion that is essential to the development and commercialization of new innovations in a mature market. Their professional and business ethic held the company and its distribution partners to a high standard that built a reputation of confidence and respect within the clean energy industry.

The passion, creativity and long-term dedication of the entire ETI team have enabled the company to develop significant renewable energy and efficiency innovations and satisfied customers in many countries. Those technologies have been shared and co-developed by a team of talented engineers and technical experts who have extended the inventions into products that are now operating in various applications and climates globally.

  • 2014 New “Prime” Series

    Prime Series product line with smart diagnostics technology.
  • 2012 ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 194

    Led the development of testing methodology for direct expansion ground source heat pumps.
  • 2010 Auxiliary Cooling Module

    Development and successful launch of the Auxiliary Cooling Module to provide additional cooling capacity (and reduce the earth contact requirement) in installations for the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and zero-energy private residences. FSEC independently verified the proof of concept of the PV Heat Recovery system.
  • 2006 U.S. EPA Testing

    U.S. EPA testing verified 75% energy savings by the EarthLinked Commercial Water Heating system in comparison to electric resistance water heating.
  • 1999 AHRI Standard | Cathodic Protection

    AHRI adopted testing Standard 870 for Direct GeoExchange as proposed by ETI; achieved ETL safety listing for all systems; began offering cathodic protection for earth loops for hostile environments after extensive research.
  • 1987 Field Demonstrations

    Field demonstration projects for heating and cooling buildings for Delmarva Power Co., Lakeland Florida Municipal Electric, Florida Power & Light Co., and Florida Power Corp.
  • 1986 Space Heating and Cooling

    ETI began heating and cooling buildings with an EarthLinked® system.
  • 1984 Most Efficient Water Heater

    ETI installed the most energy efficient water heater ever tested at the Florida Solar Energy Center, an EarthLinked® Direct GeoExchange Heat Pump dedicated to heat water.
  • 1980 Incorporation

    EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. (originally GeoSolar Energy Corporation) formed as a Florida corporation with the mission of using the stable temperature of the earth as a free, renewable heat source and heat sink for high efficiency geothermal heat pumps, originally for water heating and subsequently for space heating and cooling.
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