Made in the USAEarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems provide exceptional comfort to your home or business, reduce your heating costs by up to 80% and contribute to saving the environment. Any property, regardless of its size or age can have a Geothermal System installed.

Product Series

We continue our heritage of innovation and refinement with the  the Classic and Prime Series, the  leading industry solution for environmentally conscious home owners. Made in the USA, the Classic and Prime Series allow you to benefit from one, all-inclusive geothermal system that optimizes your energy consumption.


  • Single speed compressor
  • Legacy refrigeration circuit
  • Indoor/outdoor rated cabinet
  • SureStart/EPS onboard
  • Diagnostic monitoring optional
  • 10 year parts / 5 year labor allowance

  • Dual-speed compressor
  • Legacy refrigeration circuit
  • Premium cabinet
  • Intelligent monitoring and diagnostic system
  • SureStart/EPS onboard
  • 10 year parts / 5 year labor allowance

How it Works

EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems work seamlessly with the stored solar energy in the earth. By using small, highly conductive copper earth loops and environmentally friendly refrigerant, only a small yard space is needed to begin the heating and cooling process. The EarthLinked heat pump intensifies the warm thermal energy from the earth and converts it into heat for your home. In the summer months, the process is reversed and heat from your home is stored back in the earth. Our patented technology controls this process more simply and efficiently than any other heating and cooling system available. Conditioned air or water is sent to the distribution unit which delivers comfort to your home’s radiant floor or forced air ductwork and is compatible with many of the best thermostat control devices on the market. Learn more.



EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems have some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Gain peace of mind knowing that they were designed to provide you with years of coverage and protect you against any parts or labor costs required.


EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems are more efficient than any other heating and cooling system on the market. The following chart illustrates the AHRI test conditions of heating capacity, measuring the efficiency of EarthLinked’s heating power against that of other geothermal companies.

Comparing the leading 5-ton geothermal systems.

Where to Buy

Our Four-Step Process

We designed a simple, four-step process to get an EarthLinked Renewable Energy System for your property.

  1. Home Evaluation:  Your EarthLinked Renewable Energy System is built specifically for your home, taking into consideration your space limitations, geography and energy saving goals. 
  2. System Design:  EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems are only installed by our Authorized Dealers. In order to stay authorized, these dealers pass extensive and on-going training. 
  3. Installation:  Unlike most geothermal technologies, EarthLinked’s Renewable Energy Systems allow for a non-disruptive installation process. Smaller equipment and minimal yard space allow for minimum customer delays.
  4. Service and Maintenance:  For your protection, we provide warranties on our products and contractor support in the field. Should you require service, our Authorized Dealers are available to evaluate your needs and serve you quickly and efficiently. 

An overview of how to purchase a geothermal system.

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