Built strong for commercial use - Earthlinked technologies

Reduced Operational Costs for Your Business

By investing in an EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy System, as a business property owner, you are choosing a technology that boosts operational efficiency over traditional technologies by up to 400%. For every unit of electricity used to operate the compressor, the technology creates and delivers four units of energy in the form of heat. This is a substantial improvement in efficiency compared to more traditional solutions, like a commercial gas water heating system which has an efficiency that delivers between 0.80 and 0.85 units of energy for every unit used.

Reduced Maintenance

The EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy System is the one system that can deliver 100% of all heating and cooling needs, with no additional pumps, bulky equipment or need for supplemental heat—and that means less maintenance and longer equipment life. We eliminate the water circulating loop and intermediate heat exchanger found in conventional water-source systems, which lowers installation, operating and maintenance costs.

Mechanically Simple and Reliable

The unique mechanical simplicity of the system allows it to remain reliable and have relatively low maintenance. It easily integrates with existing air distribution technologies or water heating infrastructure. Unlike other heating systems, a geothermal system from EarthLinked does not contain an exterior coil, fan, fan motor, capacitor, defrost timer or ancillary wiring. There is also no need for a gas main, no combustion air supply, no flue gas venting and also no threat of explosion or asphyxiation.

Green footprint grassGreen Branding

More consumers are paying attention to the sustainability of businesses. Position your organization as a leader in the community in terms of energy-efficient operations. This can help increase the loyalty of customers and shareholders who invest in socially responsible companies. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, field testing has proven that investing in a geothermal water heating system allows a business to save 42,600 pounds of CO2 and 90 pounds of NOx each year with a typical six-ton system. This is the same as not burning 3,642 gallons of gasoline or 74 barrels of oil each year.

Quiet and Consistent

Since the EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems are fully enclosed and protected from the elements, they require less maintenance. The simpler designs have fewer components to fail, no water pump and no extra heat exchanger. This not only boosts the lifespan of the technology, but also decreases maintenance costs associated with running a business.

Flexible Installation

The compact design of the EarthLinked Geothermal Renewable Energy Systems mean it can be installed in almost any location in a limited amount of time. We offer four types of earth loops with nine varieties for versatility and the best fit for the installation. Since no excessively large drilling equipment is needed, there is no need to tear up large amounts of real estate.

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