Pennsylvania peaks into geothermal energy advantages

Posted on: June 27th, 2014

PA peaksThere’s a growing push for people to move toward more environmentally friendly power options, changing to efficient light bulbs and installing more Energy Star appliances. Homeowners even add solar panels and add new insulation to try and decrease their carbon footprints. But in some homes, these options are too costly or aren’t on their lists of things to do. It’s up to those in charge in many places to make the dynamic differences in how renewable and nonrenewable energy is distributed throughout a region.
Seeking new sources

Pennsylvania’s local and state legislators are taking a vested interest in how residents gain access to essential power, pushing for new options that could help turn the entire area into a green haven for geothermal energy. There are already plans made for the addition of more solar power installations throughout the central region of the state, but many see the potential in adding more natural resources to emerging infrastructure.

As Centre Daily Times reported, the U.S. is currently a leader in geothermal energy, with about $2 billion a year in investments and profit. This method of heating and cooling helps further green initiatives by removing oil, coal and traditional forms of generating electricity from power grids and replacing it with renewable options. Penn. is an ideal area for creating geothermal energy futures as compared to other parts of the country though, as its geology makes it ripe with sites to harvest mass potential from drilling and pump investments.

The source noted that Penn. moisture and underground waterways are best for closed geothermal options. With plans already in the works to put down more solar paneling and the amount of geothermal heating and cooling installations growing about 300 percent over the last five years, it makes sense to add natural water assets to solar resources, thereby making the state greener and more efficient.

Sharing the benefits
In order to attract attention to this endeavor, the recent Pennsylvania Home Show featured an array of seminars on the basics and benefits of geothermal energy. This amalgamation of the best and newest in home heating and cooling, comfort and housing options helped spread essential knowledge about how residents can make their lives better by investing in green alternatives for their everyday needs. By gaining traction with the public, it may make it easier to gain acceptance for spending on a regional scale for these kinds of enhancements.

The state is already seeing positive impacts from how renewable energy and geothermal resources are benefiting many aspects of citizens’ lives. Town Hall reported that Penn. is among 16 states in the country where more than 150,000 jobs have been created in the interest of furthering alternative energy in the United States. With almost 10 percent of all power in the country coming from renewable energy sources like geothermal, the impact of natural outlets for essential utilities may continue to see a greater influence on Penn. power options.

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