Myths about geothermal heating – busted

Posted on: February 12th, 2014
Myths about geothermal heating - busted

Myths about geothermal heating – busted

While weighing your options for clean energy, geothermal systems will likely have come to your attention as a viable alternative. However, if you don’t know a lot about these solutions, you may be hesitant to make the switch due to a few common misconceptions. The fact is that the advantages of geothermal energy far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Before you make the investment, though, rest assured that these popular myths about the technology are false.

Myth: Geothermal energy only provides heat
Fact: These all inclusive systems can actually offer effective and energy efficient heating, cooling and even water heating as well. Not only that, but these systems can be designed so that no additional backup heat source is necessary. However, some users may opt to have a backup system for a smaller loop and added reassurance on the coldest days.

During cooler months, the unit leverages heat energy from the ground to warm up your home. Additionally, any excess heat emitted during the air conditioning mode can be used for warmth during the winter. Meanwhile, in cooling mode, the entire process goes into reverse: Heat is pulled from the air in your home and then either used to preheat your water or transferred back into the earth. There’s even more to this all-in-one solution. If you have a swimming pool, your geothermal system will keep the water an even, comfortable temperature.

Imagine how much you’ll be able to minimize your energy consumption by optimizing your grid system with this multitasking technology.

Myth: Geothermal technology isn’t affordable 
Fact: One of the major concerns with buying a geothermal system usually involves the upfront costs. However, the prices are becoming increasingly lower. In fact, many of these solutions are on par with conventional systems when you consider the federal and local tax incentives available. National Geographic noted that these rebates can amount to between 30 and 60 percent of the total cost of the system. Beyond that, the reduced energy usage will certainly add up over time, providing an immense opportunity for long-term savings.

Myth: A big yard is required for geothermal
Fact: The truth is, you don’t need a lot of yard space for a geothermal system. Earth loops can be buried in a multitude of ways, and customized to fit the unique characteristics of your surroundings. They can even be inserted into the ground vertically if you have limited grounds surrounding your home.

Myth: Geothermal systems won’t last
Fact: You definitely don’t have to worry about your geothermal mechanisms giving out too quickly. These robust technologies are built to last decades, and the fact that the heat exchange equipment is indoors means that it’s not exposed to much weathering or damage. Even when maintenance or replacement is required, National Geographic pointed out that the expenses involved are typically low. Additionally, the source explained that thermal retention is no longer a problem due to new technical guidelines. That means that you don’t have to worry about the ground overheating with time, thus eventually hindering the functionality of the system.

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