Homeowners are happy with their decision to adopt clean energy

Posted on: February 24th, 2014
Homeowners are happy with their decision to adopt clean energy

Homeowners are happy with their decision to adopt clean energy

When homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes, heating may be a top priority. After all, improving this system can result in not only considerable cost savings, but also a more comfortable environment. As more people become aware of the benefits of geothermal energy, it has become increasingly common to trade conventional heating methods for this eco-friendly alternative.

Time for a change
For example, one couple in Hunterdon, N.J. decided to make the switch – and they couldn’t be more satisfied with their decision. New Jersey On-Line reported that after Bob and Diane Bartynski moved into their 3,000-square-foot house, they were shocked by how high their bills were – in fact, their propane bill was three times the amount they had been paying at their former residence in East Brunswick. It wasn’t until their furnace had to be replaced that the couple began to consider their various options. While weighing the pros and cons of different methods, Bob, a physics teacher at Rutger University, learned that the Livington Campus was adopting 100 percent geothermal energy. Intrigued, he did some research and began to realize the potential advantages to this system. With the 30 percent federal rebate offered for making the switch, the installation was far more affordable. Plus, the couple was able to avoid paying $10,000 to replace the furnace.

Endless rewards
Both Bob and Diane are optimistic about their decision. According to New Jersey On-Line, they expect the system to pay for itself in just five years. There’s another advantage that comes with geothermal beyond reducing monthly bills, too. The Bartynskis are happy to know that they are reducing their negative environmental impact because they are no longer dependent on fossil fuel. Already, they are seeing their investment pay off. When a recent cold spell hit their region, Bob asserted that they were able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside even though it was -7 degrees outside. Previously, the temperature would fluctuate, frequently dropping and rising a few degrees above the setting. Now, the Bartynskis are enjoying a consistently desirable temperature.

Diane is happy with the geothermal system for other reasons. She compared the noise level of their old system to a rocket being launched. However, the geothermal system boasts minimal noise. Additionally, she is relieved that there are no strong fumes outdoors.

“Any new construction should go geothermal,” said Diane, as quoted by the news source.

Sustainable and versatile
Jetson Green cited another homeowner in Northern California who is pleased with their geothermal heating system. According to the news source, Frederick Corson, who lives in a 5,000 square foot house, decided to install a ground source heat pump to reduce his eco footprint as well as his heating and cooling bills. The news source explained that every kilowatt of electricity used by the geothermal heating process generates roughly three more units than a traditional system. Not only does the geothermal pump make the air in Corson’s house warm, but it is also used to provide hot water. In the summer, the system is reversed to work as an air conditioner by transferring warmth from his home back into the ground.

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