Keep Your Body and Home Healthy with Geothermal Technology

Posted on: May 19th, 2015

small home in handsConsistently high temperatures lead to elevated concentrations of ozone pollution. While the heat cannot be controlled, homeowners can use more intelligent technology to improve the air quality in their homes and reduce the heat inside. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems are the perfect solution.

Traditional air conditioning systems work not by creating cool air, but by moving unwanted hot air outside. This process is inefficient when both environments (your home and the outside air) are hot. Thus, when we need air conditioners the most, they are the least efficient and effective. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems work differently by moving heat and humidity through a closed loop of environmentally friendly refrigerant, pulling it out of our home and utilizing the cool, consistent earth temperature to stabilize it. Our patented technology controls this process more simply and efficiently than any other heating and cooling system available. This method allows for your home’s hot air to be moved in a more efficient manner. Your air conditioning system won’t be placing hot air where it isn’t wanted anymore, and won’t be working as hard to do so.

The same technology that is used in keeping your car, appliances and technology protected also surrounds EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems. The powder-coated steel cabinet in which the unit is housed makes for quiet operation that will withstand the test of time. Your home won’t have outside units cycling on and off with fans blowing, but will have an inaudible unit that will keep working long past traditional systems.

Providing superior heat transfer and an unmatched dedication to your consistent comfort are what we do. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems also offer humidity control, a result of the improved methodology. Humidity causes unnecessary moisture, mold and mildew, which can be hazardous to our health. You deserve the finest quality of air in your home, even during the hottest days of summer, and with the right technology, you will never have to worry. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems maintain maximum efficiency all year round, providing a comfortable living environment for you and your family, among monthly savings, less maintenance and increased property value.

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