Invest in reliability – geothermal technology

Posted on: April 30th, 2014
Invest in reliability - geothermal technology

Invest in reliability – geothermal technology

Despite oil or natural gas being the traditional energy resources used to heat a home, those options are hardly reliable. Yes, the availability of oil and natural gas is not in question, but the increasing cost of using either energy resource to heat a home is putting a damper on its reliability as an affordable energy option. The expense of oil and natural gas is such that some homeowners are forced to turn down the thermostat to afford heat, and others are going completely without.

By investing in geothermal technology, a homeowner is gaining a reliable heating and cooling system that doesn’t create undue hardship on the budget. The energy required for controlling the temperature inside a home is right beneath the very ground where a structure is located. A closed loop geothermal system will run water through the ground, which will transport the heat stored in the ground into a home. Because the temperature of the earth remains consistent at a certain depth, regardless of what time of year it is, residents can count on the system to transport warmth during the cold months and coolness during the hotter seasons. By reversing the closed-loop system, a homeowner is able to receive excellent air conditioning as well during the hotter months from the very technology that creates heat.

The dual purpose of the technology and improved affordability of the energy-efficient solution makes this an ideal utility option for homeowners. The reduction in energy usage and the relative affordability of geothermal technology allow the initial cost to show a return on investment. As the cost of energy continues to increase, the reliable affordability of geothermal energy is the optimal solution for residential property owners.

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