Greenwich building goes green for cost savings

Posted on: December 16th, 2013
Greenwich building goes green for cost savings

Greenwich building goes green for cost savings

A construction site promises to bring new business to Greenwich, Connecticut. JCS Construction Group, Inc. is in the middle of drilling 12 geothermal wells, approximately 500 feet deep, to help keep a new building at a comfortable temperature – all with a more affordable price.

The Darien Patch reports that the building originally standing at 407-409 Greenwich Avenue, which housed the popular Thataway Cafe, was razed in Fall 2012. In its place will be a three-story structure that covers 12,000 square feet . The first floor of the building will be used as a restaurant, the second floor a retail store and the third will be divided between two condos – each with views of Captain Harbor.

The energy-efficient heating option was chosen because of the excellent comfort it can provide and the anticipated reduction in operational costs. The Greenwich Patch reports that the radiant heat and cool temperatures stored with geothermal technology will allow the building managers to reduce the costs associated with running such a large structure.

“The instant utility rebates, tax rebates and accelerated depreciation alone make [geothermal technology] attractive” Justin Shaw, principle of JCS Construction Group, Inc, said in a statement, according to the news source. “The increased revenue is just the cherry on top.”

Shaw went on to say that although the organization is not seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification at this time, the company does recognize the benefits of green construction.

Rising energy prices are making a significant dent in the average property owner’s wallet. Installing geothermal technology allows a commercial or residential property owner to make an investment toward lower payments and less stress in the future.

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