Geothermal heating cuts costs and boosts comfort

Posted on: May 23rd, 2014
Geothermal heating cuts costs and boosts comfort

Geothermal heating cuts costs and boosts comfort

One of the major concerns when it comes to switching a heating system is costs. While there are other factors, such as environmental impact and comfort, that certainly come into play when weighing clean energy options, a top priority for both homeowners and business owners is often reducing utility bills. Even though adopting a geothermal heating and cooling system may require an upfront investment, the immense potential for savings make the costs well worth it in the long run.

​Higher comfort and economy
WRIC-TV reported that geothermal heating has become increasingly attractive for a multitude of reasons. The source noted that as gas bills have spiked during a particularly frigid winter, many are looking for alternative optio
ns to heat their homes. Additionally, it can be expensive to cool a house during a hot summer, and with the warmer months ahead, many homeowners are thinking it might be time for a change – one that would equate to lower monthly bills. According to WRIC-TV, Atlantic Heating and Cooling in Brookline, Mass., recently installed a geothermal system. While the system did demand a considerable upfront payment, the news outlet stressed that the system is about 30 to 70 percent more economical than a traditional pump in terms of heating, and 20 to 50 percent more cost-effective in terms of cooling. Not only are users saving on their bills, but they are also reaping financial incentives from the government. Gary Tate of Atlantic Heating and Cooling explained that by embracing this green technology, he’s been able to get a 30 percent kickback from a tax break.

Essentially, a geothermal system involves the installation of pipes several feet beneath the ground in a resident’s yard extract the natural heat. As the Earth at that level maintains a consistent temperature, these systems can ensure a home is always an optimal temperature.

Resident Cindy Pitek told the news source that she was initially skeptical about switching to geothermal heating, but is now satisfied with her decision as she’s no longer frequently cold.

“It’s a nice steady temperature,” she explained to WRIC-TV. “It never drops off. It’s always just warm.”

Not only that, but Pitek noted that her geothermal heating solution is so quiet that she can barely tell when it’s on, whereas her old system was noisy.

Lower bills
While those that just recently adopted a geothermal system wait to see the cost benefits for themselves, other projects are already demonstrating their worth. The Delaware County News Network reported that the Garnet Valley School District has been analyzing the results of an Energy Savings Project they launched in 2013, and has seen significant savings from these efforts. Bethel Springs Elementary School in Garnet Valley, Pa., implemented energy-efficient lighting, while Concord Elementary is leveraging geothermal technology for heating and cooling purposes.

Bruce Craig, facilities and operations director, recently presented specific data about the cost advantages to the school board. He revealed that their green efforts have led to a 25 percent reduction in energy usage. According to the news source, the savings will be reported on in more detail sometime this summer.

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