Geothermal heat makes airport more energy efficient

Posted on: February 19th, 2014
Geothermal heat makes airport more energy efficient

Geothermal heat makes airport more energy efficient

Energy efficiency has become a top priority for airports around the world. The fact is that airports are largely reliant on electricity to light the buildings and provide heating and cooling for these spaces. Considering the damage that can be done due to high energy usage – as well as the rising costs of consumption – it’s important to find alternative, more sustainable sources of energy that will minimize environmental impact while maximizing travelers’ comfort. In an effort to address this challenge, many airports are seeking out geothermal heating.

The Denver International Airport is an excellent example. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the DIA is known for being eco-friendly, and even includes a state-of-the-art parking lot lit by LED lights. Additionally, the airport features a geothermal heating and cooling system, which leverage natural heat energy from the earth to keep travelers warm.

Now, another airport in Canada is following suit to reap similar advantages. The Vernon Morning Star reported that Kelowna International Airport in British Columbia, Canada, recently received a $1.25 million grant from the federal government’s Gas Tax Fund, and is allocating that money toward more energy efficient solutions. Part of the grant, which is administered by The Union of British Columbia Municipalities, will go toward new eco-friendly technologies, such as geothermal and radiant floor heating.

“Federal gas tax funds make it possible for the City of Kelowna to follow through on our plans to build sustainable buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Walter Gray, as quoted by the source. “

So far, Kelowna has received more than $33 million from the fund. According to Kelowna Capital News, federal minister of national revenue Kerry-Lynne Findlay asserted that the new energy management program will enhance corporate energy efficiency throughout the city.

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