Geothermal Energy Association announces winners of GEO Honors

Posted on: March 17th, 2014
Geothermal Energy Association announces winners of this year's honors

Geothermal Energy Association announces winners of this year’s honors

As energy prices continue to increase, world officials and energy leaders are trying to promote the expansion and adoption of greener, more energy-efficient solutions. This comes at a time as concern over environmental pollution and the eventual exorbitant price of oil continues to grow. Those in the field of geothermal energy are convinced that this renewable resource is the solution to the United State’s energy issues, especially in terms of providing energy for domestic electricity and temperature control in commercial and residential structures.

The Geothermal Energy Association is a firm supporter of the potential of this power source. The organization announced the recipients of the GEO Honors, which recognizes companies and individuals that have made significant contributions to the adoption of this energy resource, spurred on economic development and advanced technology. The winners were selected in categories including Technological Advancement, Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship.

“Even in a challenging environment, our GEA Honors winners represent the best in a growing industry. These geothermal leaders are trailblazers and should be praised for the headway they’re achieving for the entire sector,” noted Geothermal Energy Association Executive Director Karl Gawell.

The honors have been given out for three years now and the organization is expecting to continue the tradition. Geothermal energy is an ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications for many reasons.

First, by drawing energy from the earth to create electricity, a nation, and even an individual consumer, is able to reduce dependence on outside energy resources that can fluctuate in price significantly. Geothermal energy is harvested completely from the very earth, but unlike oil or natural gas, the power is located everywhere. A commercial structure can have a geothermal system installed and by using this solution, a business is able to forgo the cost of paying for oil and instead rely on the energy that’s right outside its front door.

Not only is the solution able to provide energy autonomy, but it also allows for greater energy efficiency and sustainability. The closed-loop system allows for water to run through the ground and into a structure, taking the consistent presence of warmth. Because the temperature of the earth at a certain level stays between a consistent range, the water is able draw the warmth from the earth during the cooler months and transport it to the house. The process is reversed in warmer weather to drag cooler water into the same space and slowly seeps the heat from the room.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems offers an exceptional energy solution for residential and commercial structures.The solution offers exceptional sustainability for those who want to decrease the carbon footprint associated with a structure – especially for those buildings that are used for commercial purposes, which is often associated with increased energy use. The GEA and other organizations are trying to promote the adoption of the technology.

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