Farmers begin implementing geothermal technology into solutions

Posted on: November 8th, 2013
Farmers begin implementing geothermal technology into solutions

Farmers begin implementing geothermal technology into solutions

Property owners in all walks of life are investing in energy-efficient technologies. From residential property owners in the suburbs to commercial space owners in urban environments. So it’s no surprise that farmers and ranches are getting in on the deal and investing in geothermal solutions. Farmers and other agricultural businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce operating expenses and improve production. Recent trends have demonstrated that geothermal energy can be effectively deployed to maximize the usability of land and boost profits.

Farmers using geothermal solutions benefit from using acreage more effectively
By investing in a geothermal heat pump and energy solution, a farm owner can use the land cultivated for growing produce, vegetables and other organic materials for more. A geothermal heating and cooling utility runs pipes under the ground, far below the  root system of plant life, which allows the space to be used for more than just growing. Without disrupting the growth of any plant life, farmers can access a green energy resource and decrease operational costs.

A geothermal heating and cooling system can provide the energy necessary for expert temperature control for structures like the house, barns, greenhouses, storage facilities or other various buildings necessary on the farm. Instead of spending a considerable amount each month to keep a storage center cool so that produce stays in peak condition before being shipped to grocers, farmers are able to rely on the solar power stored in the earth. Likewise, buildings that should be warm all year round like a greenhouse will remain steamy and humid thanks to the use of a geothermal heating system.

Idaho farmer uses geothermal energy to grow vegetables
Farmers across the nation are beginning to realize the power of geothermal energy. For example, Sweet Valley Organics, which is located north of Emmett, Idaho, is a farm operating on the use of a geothermal heating system, reported The geothermal energy piped from below the earth is used to keep the temperature in a greenhouse nice and warm. Unlike other more traditional energy options like oil or natural gas, this solution will remain affordable – regardless of what the economic conditions are in the country.

According to the news source, the farm runs water lines along the outdoor vegetable beds and under the greenhouse to ensure the necessary water is present in the structure so that humidity is created when the heat from the geothermal system is pumped in. The use of the geothermal technology has allowed the farm to grow tomatoes about a month earlier than the regular growing season and is expected to extend the growing season as well.

By using the latest in renewable solutions, a farmer can run his or her business more efficiently and drastically impact the operational costs. In addition to helping the farm stay in the black, the use of  geothermal technology has relatively little impact on the environment, which means it has a small carbon footprint.

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