College apartment complex heated with geothermal technology

Posted on: August 6th, 2013
College apartment complex heated with geothermal technology

College apartment complex heated with geothermal technology

Greenfire Campus in Seattle, Washington, is impressing everyone with its dedication to sustainability. The higher education organization is in the middle of construction on an energy-efficient apartment complex for students who wish to live on campus. The Ballard News Tribune reported that the structure is expected to promote the institution’s sustainability.

The five-story apartment building will include 18 units and a four-story office building with a retail space on the ground floor. According to the news source, renters in the complex will also be able to take part in the use of one parking space in a garage. The apartment units are being marketed to those who have a desire for luxury and a focus on sustainable living.

The structure has a number of eco-friendly technologies in its design, including solar power, community gardens, passive cooling, natural ventilation, daylighting, super insulation, radiant floor heating and geothermal technology. According to the news source, the architects involved in designing the structure wanted to promote the community’s focus on sustainability with a modern symbol of eco-friendly construction.

“The center of Ballard is growing with blocks of high density housing and Greenfire will turn asphalt into a natural environment and provide a visual relief between the taller buildings. Ballard’s density provides the perfect backdrop for this model of ecological design,” said Ray Johnston, Johnston Architects, according to the news source.

A geothermal heating and cooling system will allow the property managers to effectively reduce the operational expenses associated with running the building. By using the energy stored beneath the earth right on site, the price of controlling the temperature of each unit and the common areas will substantially decrease.

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