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Posted on: November 4th, 2014
From modest to luxury, any home can adopt clean energy

From modest to luxury, any home can adopt clean energy by using geothermal heating and cooling.

Homeowners across the board are looking for an efficient way to reduce energy costs and save money. Heating oil and natural gas prices are consistently increasing, putting a strain on your budget. Property owners are actively searching for a solution to this growing problem and many people have found geothermal heating and cooling to be the answer.

The switch from traditional air cooling and heating to geothermal systems allows homeowners like you to save between 40% and 60% of heating and cooling costs each year. These savings will significantly cut down your monthly air conditioning bills while reducing stress on both your budget and the environment.

Even large property homeowners see the advantages of cooling and heating their modern homes with sustainable technologies. A 12,398-square-foot Napa Valley home includes a pool, workshop, four-car garage, wind turbines and three levels designed to blend into the natural landscape. The home was recently valued at $100 million and will raise neighboring property values by 5.2%. It is one of the priciest properties in the nation and accounted for more than half of the city’s $170 million jump in assessment rolls for the 2013-2014 year.

In order to cool such a large home, a powerful system is necessary. The homeowner is able to keep the entire house at a comfortable and consistent temperature through the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system. Add a geothermal system to your home to reduce operational costs associated with the upkeep of a large property.

EarthLinked geothermal heating and cooling systems will allow you to keep your home at a steady temperature, while simultaneously lowering your monthly bills. These energy-efficient systems last decades and are ideal for all homeowners concerned about the rise of oil and natural gas prices. The EarthLinked System “harvests” the constant energy directly stored in the Earth by the sun. The system moves heat using a closed loop of environmentally friendly refrigerant. The true effectiveness of the energy transfer comes from our unique use of copper as an uninterrupted path to the heat source, resulting in a system 400x more effective than that of plastic or other materials.

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