Oregon hotel open for business – powered by geothermal technology

Posted on: December 18th, 2013
Oregon hotel will soon open for business - powered by geothermal technology

Oregon hotel will soon open for business – powered by geothermal technology

Running a hospitality destination results in the consumption of a large amount of energy. According to energy provider National Grid, large hotels in the United States (those that are larger than 8,000 square feet) spend about $1.05 on electricity per square foot each year and $0.25 on natural gas. In an average hotel, lighting, space heating and water heating represent about 60 percent of total energy use. For hotels that offer full and standard services, energy costs can make up about 4 and 6 percent of an establishment’s revenue – or even 10 percent or more for luxury options.

All of this demonstrates the need for more energy efficient technology options in hospitality destinations. Hotel management for one destination in Smith River, Oregon, has decided to renovate and expand its current building and incorporate the use of energy-efficient technologies. The Curry Pilot reported that Del Norte County’s first and only full-service hotel has recently re-opened its doors.

Located 9 miles south of Brookings, the 71-room Lucky 7 Hotel cost about $10 million. According to the news source, the renovation was part of a larger expansion of the Lucky 7 Casino, which cost about $25 million. The suites were renovated to provide better comfort for guests and systems and technologies were upgraded to reduce costs.

“I think the rooms are absolutely gorgeous. I love the woodwork and everything; it’s quality work,” said Karen Yarberry, of Crescent City, after touring some of the suites, according to the news source.

Contractors helped install a geothermal system throughout the hotel to reduce heating and cooling costs – one of the greatest expenses associated with operating a hospitality building. The decreased maintenance and fossil fuel use associated with the technology will allow hotel management to focus on customer service concerns other than utility bills.

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