Energy-efficient building tours become latest trend throughout U.S.

Posted on: November 19th, 2013
Energy-efficient building tours become latest trend throughout U.S.

Energy-efficient building tours become latest trend throughout U.S.

Some individuals may have already planned out their sustainable construction project to a T, anxiously awaiting the day that they can embark on these reliable building endeavors. However, others may still be searching for a starting point so that they can get a better sense of what they want from their green homes.

Luckily for the latter, there is a recent trend growing in popularity that will enable more Americans across the country to take a tour of energy-efficient houses.

Missoulian News reported that one such area partaking in this touring trend is Bitterroot Valley in southwestern Montana. Sustainable Living Systems, a local nonprofit, has once again organized its yearly Green Home Tour.

Tour participants will be able to have an extensive view of various residential and commercial buildings that boast environmentally-friendly features. Among these structures’ energy-saving solutions, individuals will be able to examine green equipment such as solar electric power systems and geothermal heating pumps.

With this tour, SLS plans to raise community awareness about the energy-efficient tools available to homeowners. Additionally, they hope to encourage future green construction projects by informing the public about affordable systems now available.

“The price of solar modules has come down so much, along with the 30 percent federal tax credits and the very small state tax credit, it’s more cost-effective than it used to be,” Chris Daum, owner of a Montana-based alternative energy company, told Missoulian.

Similar touring initiatives are being taken throughout the U.S. According to Cleveland News, Green Energy Ohio hosted its 11th annual wind and solar tour this year. This tour has been gaining in popularity, as more than 200 sustainable buildings across the state opened their doors to the public. They will be showcasing their alternative energy systems, including wind turbines, to the community with the intention of inspiring others to build in a greener manner.

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