Top Technologies for a Net-Zero Home

Posted on: August 11th, 2015

The perfect blend of materials and renewable technologies allows renewable energy sources to replace every measurement of power used in a house.

Due to homeowners’ growing concerns of rising energy prices, the desire for greater energy efficiency has increased. To reduce their environmental impact and decrease energy costs, many are considering renovating their homes with a net-zero method in mind. Read more about net-zero energy homes and the top three technologies utilized most often when homeowners design them.

What are Net-zero Energy Homes?

A net-zero home produces as much or more energy as it’s expected to consume. The perfect blend of materials and renewable technologies allows renewable energy sources to replace every measurement of power used in a house. These optimized green homes are typically constructed to be airtight and highly insulated, with highly efficient appliances and technologies. While renewable energy systems are efficient and effective when used on their own, net-zero homes eliminate energy costs by combining them to produce an abundance of energy.

Top Three Net-Zero Technologies

1. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems

EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems are the only systems that deliver 100 percent of all heating and cooling needs, with no additional equipment required. Geothermal closed-loop units allow for the transport of heat and energy from the ground into a home during winter months, while reversing the process in summer months to transfer heat out of the home. EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems further increase energy savings by recovering heat from your home and using it to provide free domestic hot water. They’re also fully dedicated to humidity control, eliminating unnecessary moisture, mold and mildew and improving indoor air quality. These dynamic geothermal systems require minimal installation space and there are a variety of affordable financing options, including a 30 percent federal tax credit and state, local and utility incentives. For these reasons and more, EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems are the perfect eco-friendly solution for temperature control in any home.

2.  PV Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar electricity uses solar modules to convert the sun’s energy into electricity for your home. They’re great additions to green homes because they continue to supply electricity at today’s rates with no influence from inflation. They also qualify for state incentives, rebates and federal tax credits. When partnered with EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems, energy savings skyrocket, and you’re one step closer to achieving a net-zero home.

3. Greywater Systems

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day and 146,000 gallons per year. HGTV claims that out of this consumption, approximately 50 percent is used annually for purposes like bathing, washing dishes, cleaning clothes and gardening. Rather than sending this water straight down the drain, greywater recycling systems take gently used water from your home and reuse it to irrigate trees and other plants. The most popular greywater recycling method among homeowners is a landscape-direct system, in which greywater from your washing machine routes to mulch basins around trees or bushes. Greywater recycling provides homeowners with another energy efficient, cost-effective option that can be used with EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems to turn their house into a net-zero green home.

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