Habitat for Humanity leads the pack for LEED-certified homes

Posted on: February 26th, 2014
Habitat for Humanity leads the pack for LEED-certified homes

Habitat for Humanity leads the pack for LEED-certified homes

It appears that building green homes is becoming so popular that this trend is infiltrating even the nonprofit sector. According to WCNC News, Habitat Humanity has recently recognized the numerous advantages of stemming from putting together energy-efficient structures, as the organization has begun to make this practice a priority.

CBS St. Louis reported that Habitat for Humanity had taken on five green projects throughout the city’s Carondelet neighborhood. These houses make up only a small fraction of the foundation’s contribution to reliable, smart homes throughout the United States.  The U.S. Green Building Council has asserted that, compared to the rest of the country, St. Louis’ chapter of Habitat for Humanity is the most notable developer when it comes to constructing LEED certified platinum homes for single families.

The news source provided an explanation with regards to the organization’s reasoning behind its new initiative to construct energy-friendly homes.

“The mission for Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate sub-standard housing throughout the world, obviously including St. Louis,” stated Kyle Hunsberger, director of construction at Habitat of St. Louis.

WCNC News highlighted one particular case in which another Habitat for Humanity regional division built an energy-efficient home for a mother and her four children based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kameka Shufford and her family had been living, crammed into the same apartment for about twelve years. However, the organization has assembled a home for them that will set them up for conserving utilities use and cutting energy expenses from this point forward.

“The house is extraordinarily well-insulated; the doors, the windows – it’s going to be super weatherized,” said Phil Prince, a member of Habitat for Humanity, according to WCNC. “They will save probably 25 to 30 percent on their energy bills. It will be cooler in summer, warmer in winter.”

With this green endeavor, this foundation is not only promoting environmentally friendly practices, but it is also preparing families receiving these homes to be more financially stable.

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