Annual Dealer Conference Primes Participants for Success

Posted on: March 5th, 2015
The EarthLinked Crew

The EarthLinked Team

The first rule for doing good business is to practice good communication, and good communication comes from face-to-face interactions. This past week from Tuesday to Friday, Feb. 23-27, EarthLinked Technologies held training and our Annual Dealer Conference at company headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. Authorized Dealers nationwide were invited for training and to witness the unveiling of the newest EarthLinked Renewable Energy System.

 This past week, our mission of providing simple, efficient and effective geothermal energy solutions was further solidified with the introduction of our newest product, the Prime Series. On Thursday and Friday, Feb. 26 and 27, the EarthLinked Prime Series was presented to new and expert Authorized Dealers. During the conference, EarthLinked President Jeff Miller explained the improvements and extended capabilities of the system.

 In a span of five days, more than 30 Authorized Dealers learned our best practices for selling EarthLinked Renewable Energy Systems, viewed presentations on marketing their business and got to spend time with the trade partners who helped develop the latest EarthLinked Renewable Energy System. In addition, they gained hands-on experience with the revolutionary systems. The final day of the Conference concluded with an event revealing the Prime Series to members of the media. Coverage on the groundbreaking system and the conference can be found here.

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