Social and environmental stewardship

EarthLinked Technologies creates products and services focused on simple, efficient and effective ways to make life easier for people and the planet.

Creating Products with a Purpose

EnergyStar logoMaking life easier for the people and the planet is not simply a catchy term in our mission, but rather a design credo which we use to evaluate concepts which respect the fact that we depend upon clean air, water and the preservation of natural systems to sustain human life. Our products are Energy Star-listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and provide cost effective ways of reducing energy demand for customers around the world.

LEED certification logoPracticing What We Preach

Our manufacturing and office facilities are LEED® certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for their design, construction, livability, energy and water conservation. Our waste reduction, process improvement and energy management practices help us reduce our own footprint and the embodied energy of our products.

Serving Mankind

Beyond the office, our company and management serve our community by contributing to the care and education of children, including the Thornwell Home and School for Children and The Roberts Academy for Children with Dyslexia.

Recess at The Roberts Academy


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